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Coffee, Tea or . . . – For Good Health

Which do you prefer, coffee or tea? Well, if you need to keep yourself awake, then coffee may do the trick, and the stronger it is, the more awake you may be. If you want to stay healthy, though, then it should be tea that you ought to drink – for drinking tea is healthy, not too many cups, however; a tip from no other than the Harvard Women’s Health Watch.

For the past 4,700 years, the Chinese have enjoyed the health benefits of tea. The drink contains an antioxidant, called catechins, and its concentration is highest in green and white tea. Research shows that, when it comes to keeping the cells from oxidative damage, catechins are more effective and powerful compared to vitamins E and C. Drinking green tea has also been associated with a reduced risk to various types of cancer, including bladder, esophageal, colon, lung, breast, and skin.

The usual amount that green tea drinkers consume is three cups a day. Some tea drinkers add milk or lemon or drink their tea between meals to allow absorption of iron from vegetables and fruits, which tea impedes.

There are just a few important tips that those intending to drink tea would hopefully appreciate:

  • Tea also contains oxalates, which increases the risk of kidney stones if too many cups of tea are consumed daily
  • Regular consumption of tea where the temperature is really high may lead to esophageal cancer (the evidence to this is limited, though)
  • Men who drink more than seven cups of black tea everyday are at greater risk of developing prostate cancer