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Volkswagen Facing Lawsuits after Emissions Fraud Scandal

The news regarding the admittance of Europe’s biggest car manufacturer Volkswagen about cheating their emissions tests through installation of illegal devices in order to help improve sales and pass vehicle approval has caused feelings of anger, betrayal and being cheated. Millions of consumers have been left wondering whether that should also try filing a VW diesel lawsuit or join a class action lawsuit. Knowing what option best suits you will be the most effective way for you to get compensation following the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

In order to get the best from your lawsuit, you must first understand three major factors: what are you filing the lawsuit for, what have you actually lost, and what you could possibly gain should you join a class action lawsuit. A class action lawsuit is where one or few individuals help to represent a great number of plaintiffs who are suing one or more defendants. These plaintiffs typically have similar interests that will provide them with similar damage recoveries following the lawsuit. It is a very effective way for individuals who suffered the same or similar damages of harms to secure compensation.

Fling alone or on your own does have its advantages or drawbacks, but with defendants as big as Volkswagen it can be tiring to you and your lawyers’ time, effort and money to face such a company that may require extensive evidence. Unless the damages are unique and particular for your case, you might consider simply joining a class action VW diesel lawsuit rather than filing one on your own.

Given the international nature of the case and the German company’s admittance of their actions, it may be easier to get compensation for the damages that may make reselling the vehicle difficult. Furthermore, the civil lawsuit will not protect Volkswagen from possible criminal charges, and punitive damages can also be awarded to the plaintiff, adding to a significant amount of compensation.