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Low-T Supplement Side Effects are no Laughing Matter

The increasing concern of doctors and regulatory bodies in the US on the serious side effects that are being attributed to testosterone supplements has been validated; it has been featured in a comedic rant. Comedian Stephen Colbert is known for The Colbert Report, a late-night television spinoff of The Daily Show in Comedy Central that specializes in political satire.  The show had featured hormone replacement therapy products, specifically supplements to treat Low-T (low testosterone) which he called “Man-Milk, skim.” He went on to describe the condition as “something called Low T, a pharmaceutical company–recognized condition affecting millions of men with low testosterone, previously known as getting older.”

It sounds funny, but in fact it comes too close to the bone to be too much so. There are speculations among academics that symptoms of Low-T may have been hyped out of proportion, when the real focus should be on treating any underlying medical condition that is causing it. Unless, of course, it is a normal part of the aging process, for which Low-T supplements are contraindicated.

Colbert referred to a commercial listing the side-effects of a Low-T supplement which included “increased prostate swelling, prostate cancer, low sperm count and swelling of the ankles, feet and body” and possible “signs of early puberty appear in the children in your life.” The actual side effects of Low T that commonly occur include headache, nausea, vomiting, alopecia, insomnia, dizziness, skin color or quality change, and acne. But what currently is causing concern, and driving civil litigation, is the doubling of the risk of developing cardiac problems in certain populations. According to the website of law firm Williams Kherkher, studies are currently being carried out on testosterone supplements to determine the exact mechanism and its effects, which are not well established.

If you believe that your use of Low-T supplements caused a serious medical condition, you may have an actionable case. It is early days yet for these products, but do not hesitate to consult with a product liability attorney in your area with experience in handling drug company cases to assess yours.

The Costs of Pharmaceutical Defects

Modern medicine has been a boon to mankind in many ways. It has extended the life span and improved the quality of life of most people on the planet. An article on the website of Nashville-based law firm Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller & Overbeck, P.A. states that potent drugs have become an integral and effective part of modern medical treatment. But there is also a dark side to this, and that is the tendency to “pop pills.”

People have become dependent on “wonder drugs” and “magic cures” to address health problems which back in the day did not even exist. In many cases, a common sense approach to a problem would solve it without the need to resort to the medicine cabinet, but it has become much easier to pop a pill and a call it good. As a consequence, there is a greater chance of encountering pharmaceutical defects that could result in serious injury and health complications. And the damage control and treatment costs of pharmaceutical defects can very well reduce one to bankruptcy.

A good example is the use of certain oral contraceptives that seemed to be a godsend to women who wanted to avoid pregnancy but feared gaining weight, which is a common side effect of many oral contraceptives. This new formulation did just that, but it turns out later that it caused dangerous levels of blood clotting which could lead to deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism or stroke. Each of these complications require extensive and lifetime treatment and care at great cost. It also means loss of income, pain, suffering, and even death.

There are unfortunately quite a few drugs that turn out to have fatal flaws. For many people, the financial burden of the costs of pharmaceutical defects can be overwhelming. If the costs of pharmaceutical defects has pushed you to the brink of bankruptcy, you should know that you may be able to get back some of what you have lost with the help of a pharmaceutical liability lawyer. You have nothing to lose by trying.